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Shashank Shekhar Pandey

Relationship, Personality, Depression, Stress, Overweight / Obesity, any type of Physical, Mental & Emotional problems...... Ask an Expert - Visit my Virtual Office at LivePerson

Mr.Veerji Sharma ( )

Stress can be due to number of reasons in life. Stress is number one cause for health problems around the world. I offer stress management in Marriage, Divorce, Family relationships through Spiritual counselling (not religion) and build your Self esteem, Motivation.

David Spector

I can help people who are living with stress and stress-caused illnesses find a natural, easy mental technique called Natural Stress Reliefİ that takes only a few minutes twice a day to dissolve the stress, leaving the mind flexible, relaxed, and joyful.

Kate Tilmouth

I can answer most stress related questions, including Anxiety and Panic attacks, PTSD and general stress related issues. My main aim is to provide you with techniques and information regarding how best you can manage your stress levels on a day to day basis and so reduce effects such as Physical or emotional illness which can arise when stress is not managed. I am not able to give advice about medical conditions which need treatment from a doctor, such as heart conditions etc.

Kindred Beisinger penname KD Elizabeth Beisinger

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I handle stress from a spiritual perspective. I can answer questions regarding stress in the home or workplace. I am willing to address any questions or concerns that cause stress or are a result of stress. I utilize an integrated modality of venting, meditation, journaling, prayer, relaxation, and a physical outlet in my method of stress management, but uniquely structured on an individual basis. I can offer insight and information for true and lasting peace, even if the circumstances and surroundings remain chaotic. I can assist and encourage you in reaching a lifestyle that reduces stress and learn new methods for handling tense and stressful situations that cannot be avoided.

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