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Andy Hill

I lived with Brad for two years and I was a close friend of his so I feel like I am pretty qualified to answer some questions about Sublime. I will do my best to answer questions about Bud, Eric, Miguel and of course Brad. I should also be qualified to answer a few questions about Brad's lyrics that are in Spanish. With many topics though, like merchandise, bootlegs, and many other things I am completely under qualified. Refer these questions and any others that require extensive research to Matt (ha, ha, ha.)

Zachary Coursen

The band they call Sublime!

Matt Maguire

Guarantee: you will receive an answer within 2 days of posting the question -- whether it is a referral to a different expert or a straight answer to your question. I can answer most questions about the band, the significance of the lyrics, the show dates, the unreleased albums and tracks, misinformation, and, above all, I am an expert on their influences and related music. Additionally, if you're looking for that hard to find track or a cheap alternative to the $300 book Crazy Fool: Portrait of a Punk, I might be able to help.

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2017-03-16 40oz first press.:

Greg,    I'm kicking myself for not getting back to you sooner. My procrastination came from the fact that I don't do much collecting, other than the music, so physical versions of various releases is

2017-01-12 Peninsula Riots/First Show:

Leland,    Thanks for your questions.  I haven't answered one in a while.  I really like the topic of the questions because they have to do with the spread of rumors and questions surrounding the truth

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