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Robert Hazelby

I have been a fan of Madness since the early 80's, having watched them grow from a small band to the mega stars they are today. Being a list maintainer for The Madness Mailing List for almost three years has certainly helped to get me many contacts in the area of all things Madness, and I like to keep in touch with Stuart Wright (he of the Madness fanzine - *Nut Inc*) and Madness bassist - Mark Bedford. With contacts like these, you can be sure that the information I have is bang up to date.

Sarah W

I can answer anything regarding Suggs career as a solo artist, and also with Madness.

Steve Bringe

If you've got a question about the British band Madness, I'll either have an answer for you straight off the bat, or I'll get with those in know (and in the band, and in the industry) who can suss it out for you. As the owner and manager of Madness Central (, we've got endless resources to get you the information you need.

S. Bringe

Collector of Madness recordings *et al* for about 15 years, including offshoots like The Madness, Crunch!, Suggs, Argonauts, Voice of the Beehive, etc.


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