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Kenneth Pollock

Based upon lifetime of teaching and practice in all aquatic areas: swimming, life-saving, acquacise, pool games/sports, water-based exercises for injuries to major parts of the body:legs, arms, trunk, hands, arms, shoulders, etc.A Advanced diving techniques 'I can't';'I won't.'I'll be able to answer and provide specific remedial techniques & activities in most of the above categories with 90%-95% proficieny. I should mention at least 10 yrs. experience in wellness-fitness classes for seniors and their juniors! (Includes me!)

George Weber

I am a swimming and diving coach and ex-competitor with over 25 years of experience. I consider myself a technique expert and can offer suggestions on swimming and diving mechanics. I can also answer questions on the mental aspect of competing.

Kate Fontaine

I can answer pretty much any question involving learning to swim and the techniques involving swimming. I am also a mom who is teaching my almost 5 yr old son and 2 year old daughter to swim. My background is with the American Red Cross and their programs and affiliations.

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2016-08-20 time/yards for swim practice:

Hi Alyssa--  First of all,the length of the practice needs to be your decision, as head coach you need to be in charge. Your job is to run practice for the betterment of your athletes.  To start you should

2016-08-16 Swimming endurance:

Hi: Not seeing you in person & in action nor knowing what physical condition (and athletic disposition you possess) I'm going to intuitively provide an answer and advisement. Based on what I provide you

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