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Kenneth Pollock

Based upon lifetime of teaching and practice in all aquatic areas: swimming, life-saving, acquacise, pool games/sports, water-based exercises for injuries to major parts of the body:legs, arms, trunk, hands, arms, shoulders, etc.A Advanced diving techniques 'I can't';'I won't.'I'll be able to answer and provide specific remedial techniques & activities in most of the above categories with 90%-95% proficieny. I should mention at least 10 yrs. experience in wellness-fitness classes for seniors and their juniors! (Includes me!)

George Weber

I am a swimming and diving coach and ex-competitor with over 25 years of experience. I consider myself a technique expert and can offer suggestions on swimming and diving mechanics. I can also answer questions on the mental aspect of competing.

Kate Fontaine

I can answer pretty much any question involving learning to swim and the techniques involving swimming. I am also a mom who is teaching my almost 5 yr old son and 2 year old daughter to swim. My background is with the American Red Cross and their programs and affiliations.

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