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DMA/Donna Michelle Anderson

Reality TV Production Screenwriting Story Structure Casting & Branding for Artists

Jose Luis Vazquez Coriano

Television Production, Producer, Promotions, creative writing.

Marrissa O`Leary

Happy to help with your questions about the business of television. I've been a TV Business Affairs, Talent and Comedy executive for over 10 years after starting out as a child actress. I've been a VP at two studios, and consulted for others. Because we get so many questions about reality shows, please take a look at the "Previously Answered Questions" first (you'll probably find what you need there!). Also - please bear in mind that budgets & license fees are considered to be proprietary information and I can't share them here. Thanks!

Mike Dacre

I have been involved in Television for the past 26 years as a Technical Producer and Camera operator

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2016-12-03 question about actors/models and their publicists:

Hi, Danielle.    If you read anything about the REAL history of Hollywood, you'll see a gazillion stories about fake stories being planted to gain publicity, cover up something, or generally distract attention

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