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Salman Zeb Khan

I have an up-to-date info about all the current or new Tablet models of different brands. I can offer my help if someone want to upgrade or buy a new Tablet. I can't answer questions which involve hardware troubleshooting or software errors for these questions please refer to Tablet manufacturer support.

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2016-11-06 Live streaming and taking care of the tablet screen:

Dear Howard,  You need to try different Apps yourself as my android smartphone has no free space to install more apps and as you mentioned that if you get that information from someone experienced in this

2016-11-05 Live streaming and taking care of the tablet screen:

Dear Howard,  For live streaming prefer official NHL app from Google Play store .

2016-11-01 Tablet recommendations:

If you want to get the latest product then you must wait for Samsung Galaxy Tab S3. If you don't want to wait for a month then I listed options preference wise,    I got both of these tablets ( Samsung

2016-09-27 Tablet Purchase:

ASUS Zen-Book UX305  It's cost is $739 if you choose latest processor selling at Amazon ( I has windows 8.1 and I hope free upgrade of windows 10 still offered)

2016-09-22 Tablet Purchase:

I am extremely sorry for  late reply.   Microsoft office works on all tablets and it's preinstalled in Android Tablets too. First I would like to enlist Android Tablets,    ASUS Zenpad 3S 10  Lenovo TAB

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