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Nathan J. Nowak

We can answer any questions pertaining to Olympic Tae Kwon Do sparring. Questions about fitness and nutrition as relating to TKD training and preparation for tournaments and competition. Specific techniques and tactics while training, weight training and agility, mental toughness and visualization exercises and "day of" preparation.

Julee Peck

I can answer questions related to TaeKwonDo. i.e. different styles, looking for a school, benefits of TaeKwonDo training.

Gerard Robbins

I can identify names of true champions and masters of Taekwondo and how to choose a Taekwondo school

Hani McToom

Saudi Arabia
Can answer: All type of questions related to TaeKwonDo physical preperation and best training methods. Questions related to levels of TaeKwonDo belts and how to go through them all the way to black belt. Question related to training from getting into the TaeKwonDo gym till leaving. Self defense in TaeKwonDo and demonstration tips. Can not answer: Questions related to tournaments. I have never been into tournaments style since tourmanemts style is not helpful at all in street fights.

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