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Stephen Petullo

My views on these subjects are based on my objective research and experience with past life regression, meditation, tarot, hypnosis, intuitive readings, and related metaphysical subjects since the early 1980s. My approach to metaphysics tends to be more practical and realistic. I do not automatically accept or reject a concept until I've experienced it for myself. I am knowledgeable in the areas of reincarnation, karma, free will, predetermination, Reiki, hypnosis, subliminal persuasion, meditation, tarot, metaphysical counseling, and related subjects. These subjects are my career, hobby, and passion. I've have been doing intuitive readings professionally since 1996.If you would like a private consultation, please visit me here: Sign up for my free report and column:


First Name(s), Birth Year(s) and I'll briefly answer ONE question. or Paid readings avaiable within 48hrs

Ronda (Baihu) Snow

On Vacation
returns 11/14/2016
I give spiritual guidance Tarot readings. I use a pathway, meditation or yes/no layout, whichever matches your question best. Remember, REAL tarot gives you advice and ideas. REAL Tarot can NOT predict the future. REAL Tarot can NOT read other people's minds. This is genuine intuition, not an act, so I will not accept prediction-only questions, third party questions (asking about someone other than yourself,) or pregnancy/medical questions.

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2016-10-21 Love:

The one Tarot card for you is Temperance which says to you, your chances to be together is unlikely as deemed by Fate, as you made your choice and started the wheel of Fate a long time ago. So now he is

2016-10-18 Love:

The one Tarot card for you is The Star which says to you, yes!!! soon!!!! you will feel the connection between the both of you, like you've met in lives before, you'll know this by the level of comfort

2016-09-22 Friends again?:

Hi Adriana    As it says on my profile, I do not accept "third party questions" which means I will not accept questions about someone other than yourself.    Tarot can not predict the future or read other

2016-09-22 Soulmate:

The one Tarot card for you is The High Priestess which says to you that you should search within your heart to see if things are aligned in a balanced way, for getting married is a serious thing, a serious

2016-09-21 Success as a fashion designer?:

Hi Rachell    I don't mean to sound glib or not serious, but here is the truth of it as I see it...    Tarot can not predict the future. Tarot can not answer your question.    Whether you make it as a

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