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The GYPSY - Certified Master Tattoo Artist, Body Piercer and Permanant Cosmetic Technician

I can accept questions on proper tattooing and piercing procedures, including but not limited to, licensing, sterilization, studio promotion, safety, what to look for in an artist/studio, aftercare, apprenticeship, studio management and proper design/piercing placement. I can also rate artistic quality. We also can answer questions on tattoo/piercing resources, ie; books, videos, studios and artists/piercers. PLEASE NOTE THE FOLLOWING BEFORE ASKING YOUR QUESTION: I will NOT answer "How To" questions. If you want to know how to tattoo or pierce do the right thing and seek out a formal apprenticeship. Tattooing and piercing are not a "Learn On Your Own" professions. ALSO: Please DO NOT ask me about tattoo or piercing prices. Rates vary from region to region. You will need to check with studios in your area for their current rates.

Charles Parent - Registered Master Tattoo Artist

I can answer questions regarding tattoos and tattoo artists as well as Canadian tattoo shops.

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2016-10-20 Custom made design:

Dan,    That is a very nice design. It sounds to me like you have encountered what is known as a "Rock Star Tattooist". They are usually primadonnas who will not touch anyone else's art because it is below

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