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As an Enrolled Agent, I am fully capable of providing tax advice as it relates to personal and business income taxes. Enrolled Agents are the only Federally licensed tax practitioners and are admitted to practice before all administrative functions of the IRS. My specialty is working with small business owners who file Schedule "C" and helping them to structure their business in such a way as to maximize as many tax advantages as possible. I also enjoy working with individuals who have both routine as well as complex tax situations. I prefer to concentrate on individuals and small business tax planning.

Richard Fritzler

I am in the business of tax planning for business owners. Our company helps business owners structure so that they can be reduce the taxes that they owe, making them far more profitable.

Richard S

My expertise is in collecting past due taxes and tax returns. While at the IRS I worked on wage and bank levies, liens, Offer in Compromise, late filing and payment agreements every day. I spoke with over 20,000 people concerning their issues while I worked there (just retired).

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2016-12-02 2 Tax Questions:

Maybe this clarification will help:    Distributions come out of a Roth IRA in the following order.  1) Contributions: Distributions are tax free and penalty free until total distributions exceed total

2016-12-02 Dual property ownership & Taxes:

Larry - You had a basis when she deeded you the property.  That is your basis.  The remaining basis (hers) steps up.  See:

2016-11-30 Inherited ira:

Susan - the answer to your question is "yes" BUT making a contribution to a traditional IRA and taking the deduction is subject to income limitations, so if the inherited IRA increases your income past

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Christian -    Let's tackle your questions one at a time.     1) I don't know how old you are or how long you have held your Roth IRA for.  However, in general, here are the rules for distributions from

2016-10-26 1099 for Trust:

The answer from the financial institution was a cop out.  They can certainly issue separate 1099s since there would be two different tax ID numbers.    But to answer the question you are specifically looking

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