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Esther Coronel de Iberkleid

I can answer questions regarding: Teaching Methodologies, How to inspire and motivate students toward excellence, good teaching procedures, how to eliminate stress of students, create good connection with students, teaching sciences, improve environment for better results in class. I cannot answer legal topics in specific countries in education

MaryAnn F. Kohl

creative art experiences for children of all ages

Dr. James Turner

I am able to give both general and specific answers to questions on how the brain learns, how to bring brain learning into the classroom, how to teach middle school students, and how to create classrooms that function in learner friendly ways.

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2016-08-20 Groups:

Sure, just do not replace the rulers. They do not value them, or really their education so let them do the work with out the rulers. Notify parents and administration of the situation and how much it is

2016-08-17 Management:

Put clear rules and tell them if they break anything they have to replace or pay for the replacement    If you are unable to know who was the one that did it all the class pays so you have extra supplies

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