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Dr. Kalli Prater

Questions pertaining to the holistic treatment of thyroid disorders including nutrition and supplementation for Hashimoto's, hypo and hyper thyroidism. Questions relating to Lab tests and proper lab testing for thyroid conditions as well.

Dr.Shrinidhi Kulkarni

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2016-11-21 Thyroid Nodules:

Eileen,  May there isnt much to report I guess. I cant comment about the skills of radiologist. FNA may fail in geeting the tissue samples of posterior pole. Better to go for biopsy. Dont worry you will

2016-11-15 Nodules:

Many people have nodules without having cancer, many of the patients I have seen have nodules that have also been biopsied, with no result other than monitoring the nodules. The nodules can be from inflammation

2016-11-15 Thyroid Nodules:

Eileen,  Have you checked your serum calcium and parathyroid hormones(PTH, calcitonin)? If there is increased vascularity it could indicate malignant tumor. But it cant be confirmed without a biopsy. What

2016-10-08 Treatment of underactive thyroid except for the medication:

My range for TSH for functional medicine is 1.3-2.0.     Aside from the physical activity, I would look into supporting your adrenal glands. They set the sleep and wake cycle, and typically are out of

2016-09-30 High TSH and Cholesterol:

Wendy,  Its personal preference to choose to go for armour instead of levothyroxine. It depends on which makes you feel better. If you have complete thyroid reports with you please do share them. Yes you

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