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Dr. Kalli Prater

Questions pertaining to the holistic treatment of thyroid disorders including nutrition and supplementation for Hashimoto's, hypo and hyper thyroidism. Questions relating to Lab tests and proper lab testing for thyroid conditions as well.

Dr.Shrinidhi Kulkarni

Dont hesitate to ask your health related queries. 24 X 7 ready to provide solutions to your health concerns. All questions are welcome ! Speciallly Endocrinology.

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2016-07-10 synthetics:

Jim,  I am residing in India and cant influence the drug authority/doctors of your country. But in my country patients if not tolerating levothyroxine well, they are allowed to go to alternative medicine

2016-07-07 Thyroid meds and bone loss:

Here is a link to an article that explains this issue, I had to look it up myself. They reference the research.     Endocrinologists also work with bone loss and should take this into consideration when

2016-07-06 Hypothyroid:

Deanna,  Since you are hypothyroid, other than thyroid medication what all supplements you take? Normally hypothyroid patients have iron, vit D, calcium, selenium deficiencies. So your leg cramps could

2016-07-06 synthetics:

Jim,   As you rightly said our body can react to everything on this earth and produce allergy. Sometimes it immune system attacks our own cells leading to auto immune reactions. So it is possible that

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