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Need help with tire questions? I am trained by Michelin and have worked in a tire department for years, and served as the supervisor. I will answer only basic information or request. I can help you understand some tire questions on buying or just to understand tires. I may or may not answer questions about trouble or problems with tires, do to the fact that it is hard to say what is wrong with a tire without looking at the tire. Questions about tire sizes fitting your car are limited, up to 1998 at this time. All other tire questions, year does not matter.

Barry Smith

I have over 30 years experience in the design, manufacturing, and testing of tires. I have served as the technical advisor to the "800" number. I have authored or co-authored many publications - usually without credit. I can answer almost any technical question, but please don`t ask me to compare brands. I probably have prejudices because of my work experience.

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2016-10-16 Non-Matching Front and rear tires:

Damon,    Because of the peculiar nature of 911's, Porsche has a specification they call an *N Spec*, where they indicate which tires are compatible with this peculiar nature of 911's.    So unless the

2016-09-18 tire pressure:

Skip,    You asked:    1. How is it that cold pressure can vary but hot pressure always levels out at the "correct" driving pressure and stays there while driving? That just seems to defy logic!

2016-09-13 Bf Goodrich at truck tires:

Steve,    Noise is not dependent on tire rotation direction nor mounting inside por out.  So even if the tire are mounted incorrectly, they will not make more noise than if mounted correctly.    But All

2016-09-13 tire pressure:

Bobby,    If you are using an LT265/75R16, then you need to use 15 psi more than what they vehicle tire placard says.  The vehicle tire placard is located on the driver's door frame on modern cars, and

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