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Ted Ritter

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returns 07/10/2015
I have more than 28 years experience as toyota technician, I will be able to answer most questions related to the Toyota product line up to the present year models,I am located in the US but welcome questions from other regions of the world. When asking a question please provide specific information: year,model, engine,transmission information. Provide as much information as possible including a brief repair history if possible. I have been a volunteer here for more ten years an have answered over 16,000 questions helping Toyota owners with their problems and save thousands of dollars without any compensation, some of my answers are published on many other websites including google and various automotive forums. DONATIONS ARE VERY MUCH APPRECIATED, IF YOU HAVE RECIEVED HELPFUL INFORMATION PLEASE MAKE A DONATION. AS OF TODAY (JULY 22, 2014) ALL REQUESTED GRAPHICS, ILLUSTRATIONS, DIAGRAMS, PHOTOS, WILL REQUIRE THE MINUMUM DONATION UP FRONT.

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2015-06-22 power steering:

This model uses computer controlled electric power steering, due to the complexity of the system and that there could be a number of things that cause the light to turn on you would have to contact a Toyota

2015-06-19 2003 highlander 2.4L. Was run hot do to no oil:

The compression readings do not indicate a piston and ring problem, normal is around 170psi, the compression you have is not keeping the engine from running, at this point I see no reason to not drive

2015-06-16 Toyota Celica VVTL-i automatic transmission:

Thanks for the update  I have not encountered the blocking plate where the speed sensor should be, my best guess is that it has ABS and the vehicle speed is calculated by the ECM based on signals from

2015-06-15 brakes material:

Hello, in the US manufacturers stopped using asbestos in brakes over 20 years ago so did as well as most car makers that imported cars to the US, so I really don't know if this car used asbestos or not

2015-06-13 Error P0171, P0174 - will realignment of the steering and suspension resolve the problem:

Those codes are for a lean/rich fuel mixture and have nothing to do with suspension or alignment, it sounds like there is an intake air leak going by what you are saying about the hissing noise, since

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