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Ted Ritter

I have more than 28 years experience as toyota technician, I will be able to answer most questions related to the Toyota product line up to the present year models,I am located in the US but welcome questions from other regions of the world. When asking a question please provide specific information: year,model, engine,transmission information. Provide as much information as possible including a brief repair history if possible. I have been a volunteer here for more ten years an have answered over 16,000 questions helping Toyota owners with their problems and save thousands of dollars without any compensation, some of my answers are published on many other websites including google and various automotive forums. DONATIONS ARE VERY MUCH APPRECIATED, IF YOU HAVE RECIEVED HELPFUL INFORMATION PLEASE MAKE A DONATION. AS OF TODAY (JULY 22, 2014) ALL REQUESTED GRAPHICS, ILLUSTRATIONS, DIAGRAMS, PHOTOS, WILL REQUIRE THE MINUMUM DONATION UP FRONT.

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2016-09-28 Toyota Celica GTS Speedometer Problem.:

hello, I can only give you my opinion I can not diagnose the problem any further than what your mechanic has already done which was correct, it is an intermittent electrical issue no mechanical or it would

2016-09-13 1998 Toyota Transmission:

hello, down shifting and shift point up shifts are done with throttle pressure in the valve body, it should have a cable attached to the throttle body right near the throttle cable, you can see that it

2016-09-09 1992 Camry ECU ?:

Hello, the older models can be a little difficult to diagnose since they use the OBD1 diagnostic system . I can understand the deale5r's reluctance to replace the computer if it may not solve the problem

2016-09-07 generalized info:cleaning the fuel injectors:

Hello, if a fuel injector develops a problem there's no sense in "cleaning"it, most likely it needs to be replaced since the problem is probably electromechanical, the injectors can develop high resistance

2016-08-30 leak inside 2014 corolla:

hello, it's probably the a/c evaporator draining water inside instead of to the outside through a drain tube, you can pull the carpet back and see where the drain tube goes through the firewall, it may

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