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Ted Ritter

I have more than 28 years experience as toyota technician, I will be able to answer most questions related to the Toyota product line up to the present year models,I am located in the US but welcome questions from other regions of the world. When asking a question please provide specific information: year,model, engine,transmission information. Provide as much information as possible including a brief repair history if possible. I have been a volunteer here for more ten years an have answered over 16,000 questions helping Toyota owners with their problems and save thousands of dollars without any compensation, some of my answers are published on many other websites including google and various automotive forums. DONATIONS ARE VERY MUCH APPRECIATED, IF YOU HAVE RECIEVED HELPFUL INFORMATION PLEASE MAKE A DONATION. AS OF TODAY (JULY 22, 2014) ALL REQUESTED GRAPHICS, ILLUSTRATIONS, DIAGRAMS, PHOTOS, WILL REQUIRE THE MINUMUM DONATION UP FRONT.

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2015-07-30 noise in steering column.:

I think in this case it would be best to at least have the dealer listen to the noise and give you an opinion, most  dealer's will call a tech or shop foreman to the driveway to just listen to a noise

2015-07-28 water infiltration:

hello, it's possible that the drain hoses or one hose on the driver's side for the sunroof are either clogged or disconnected, open the roof and slowly have someone pour water from a bottle or hose directly

2015-07-25 upcoming repairs:

hello, the transmission should be serviced every 60K miles about every three years, the spark plugs are platinum tipped and they are replaced at 60K as well. Valve cover leaks are common on this engine

2015-07-21 Battery replacement?:

They can call it whatever they want, it just means that the say it's a six year battery because there is a six year warranty, if it fails sooner they "pro rate it" that means they replace it but you will

2015-07-20 Battery replacement?:

Hello  Wet cell batteries have a tendency to degrade very quickly after a certain amount of time, when they check it they refer to the state of charge which can be 100% which means it is fully charged

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