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Ted Ritter

I have more than 28 years experience as toyota technician, I will be able to answer most questions related to the Toyota product line up to the present year models,I am located in the US but welcome questions from other regions of the world. When asking a question please provide specific information: year,model, engine,transmission information. Provide as much information as possible including a brief repair history if possible. I have been a volunteer here for more ten years an have answered over 16,000 questions helping Toyota owners with their problems and save thousands of dollars without any compensation, some of my answers are published on many other websites including google and various automotive forums. DONATIONS ARE VERY MUCH APPRECIATED, IF YOU HAVE RECIEVED HELPFUL INFORMATION PLEASE MAKE A DONATION. AS OF TODAY (JULY 22, 2014) ALL REQUESTED GRAPHICS, ILLUSTRATIONS, DIAGRAMS, PHOTOS, WILL REQUIRE THE MINUMUM DONATION UP FRONT.

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2014-09-28 Coolant:

There is supposed to be coolant in the bottle at all times, if it goes low over a period of time there may be a small leak developing into a bigger leak, the most common on these engines is the water pump

2014-09-27 variable valve timing sensor:

Hello, this may be due to a worn timing belt, if it has over 100,000 miles or so have the timing belt checked, it can also come on because of neglected engine oil, contaminated oil can clog the control

2014-09-24 1994 Corolla ABS light:

Hello, you may be able to check for codes using the diagnostic connector under the hood, use terminals Tc and E1 with a jumper and the key on, the abs light along with a couple of others will start to

2014-09-22 1998 Camry PO171 with Engine hesitation at Road Speed.:

Hello, the P0125 code just means that the system is not going into a closed loop condition which means the computer doesn't see the correct voltages from the a/f and o2 sensors, this is understandable


Hello, the pretensioner is part of the seatbelt retractor assembly, it is designed to lock the seatbelt in the event of a frontal collision by igniting a small explosive charge similar to the air bags

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