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Chris Eilertsen

Technical questions about specific Trampoline skills of all levels. Trampoline, how it affects Ariel Skills for Diving, Wake & snow Boarding, Ariel Skiing, Sky Diving, Pole vaulting, High Jumping, Tumbling, Double Mini, Power Tumbling, Cheerleading, Wrestling, football, Martial Arts, Movie stunts, and Gymnastics.

Trampolining Coach

I can answer all of the following questions to do with trampolining: * Rules of trampolining * Questions to do with clothing and equipment * General questions to do with who can participate and when you can participate (IE. after recovering from illness and injury) * Questions concerning what trampolining terms mean * Coaching questions for all non-somersault moves * Coaching questions for single somersaults and twisting single somersaults * Coaching questions for double somersaults * Coaching questions concerning participate confidence and mental preperation


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