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Mayer Nudell, CSC

All questions relating to security for international travelers and expatriates around the world.

Capt. Don R. Elderkin

Retired Merchant Marine Captain, with extensive security training and 42 years of travel to 102 countries. I can answer questions concernining travel security, destinations and how to get around in areas with limited knowledge of local language . I can also recommend places not to miss seeing and places to avoid.

Earl Morris CPS

I have been in the field of executive protection and assisting others in the predicting of and managing violent behavior for 20 years. I have provided protection services in various countries and have assisted individuals, families and corporations in the protection of various threats. I currently provide lectures and workshops on Protective Intelligence & Protective Strategies for Executives & Holiday Travelers to use while travelling, Child Protection from Child Predators, Mitigating Stalking and Violence in the Workplace, Crisis Management & Business Continuity.

Bill Flinchbaugh

Anything involving children and motor vehicle transportation; car seat safety, car and safety system compatibility, safety systems design, best practices for child and family safety, general automobile safety.

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2016-09-03 car seats for school run:

To start, I need to know what year the Pajero is. From some of the seat belt descriptions you provided, I am going to guess early to mid 2000's. Exact year will help, though country of build and market

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