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Mayer Nudell, CSC

All questions relating to security for international travelers and expatriates around the world.

Bill Flinchbaugh

Anything involving children and motor vehicle transportation; car seat safety, car and safety system compatibility, safety systems design, best practices for child and family safety, general automobile safety.

Earl Morris CPS

I have been in the field of executive protection and assisting others in the predicting of and managing violent behavior for 20 years. I have provided protection services in various countries and have assisted individuals, families and corporations in the protection of various threats. I currently provide lectures and workshops on Protective Intelligence & Protective Strategies for Executives & Holiday Travelers to use while travelling, Child Protection from Child Predators, Mitigating Stalking and Violence in the Workplace, Crisis Management & Business Continuity.

Capt. Don R. Elderkin

Retired Merchant Marine Captain, with extensive security training and 42 years of travel to 102 countries. I can answer questions concernining travel security, destinations and how to get around in areas with limited knowledge of local language . I can also recommend places not to miss seeing and places to avoid.

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