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Jim Hyland

I am an expert in Forestry, Forest Entomology, Forest Pest Control, and Forest Health. Extensive knowledge in Identification of insects and diseases of trees. Expert on Bark beetles and other insects that attack forests. Also a Registrated Forester with extensive knowledge in the management and care of forests.

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2016-09-28 Liquid Amber Mature Trees:

It is very difficult to spray insecticide on the foliage of large trees, But these caterpillars usually migrate down the trunk to pupate in the ground. I would spray the trunks up to six feet with an insecticide

2016-09-25 Blue spruce bark wound:

Conifers like spruce produce sap and this helps seal the wound and speds up healing. Over time the tree will grow tissue and heal over the wound. IF there is any loose bark on the wound this can be cut

2016-09-24 Little trees growing in grass after tree removal:

A hardwood tree root system stores up a great deal of energy and this energy is used to sprout new foliage when the tree is cut. The root system is still alive and will continue sprouting until it dies

2016-09-13 White Oak:

Well your tree had a decay fungi that is slowly decaying the wood. The Mushroom is the fruiting body of the fungi that is growing in the woody cells. Decay fungi are slow working and over many years will

2016-09-11 Black walnut tree:

It is hard to tell but are the limbs that dropped live or dead- did they have leaves on them. Also is the ends of the limbs where it broke off hard wood or soft decayed wood?? And how far up the trunk

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