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Jim Hyland

I am an expert in Forestry, Forest Entomology, Forest Pest Control, and Forest Health. Extensive knowledge in Identification of insects and diseases of trees. Expert on Bark beetles and other insects that attack forests. Also a Registrated Forester with extensive knowledge in the management and care of forests.

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2017-03-02 My Redbud tree has never flowered.:

I would try fertilizing qith 10-10-10 fertilizer at the rate of 1lb per inch of trunk diameter scattered around the tree. Do this just before a rain event and you will not have to water the fertilizer

2017-02-18 Scrub Oak tree removal:

You may get some sprouting anyway but I would think the best time for the least sprouting would be early summer say first of June. Right now the roots have stored up the maximum amount of energy to promote

2017-01-17 fig tree low bark turning in sawdust:

It looks like a borer. This is the sawdust and wood chips that the borer makes as it enters the tree. Borers infest a tree that is under stress. The standing water is stressing the root system and weakening

2017-01-16 Cedar tree:

Generally when you transplant a tree the soil around the rootball is also dug up. Then a hole is dug twice the size of the rootball and filled with potting soil. The tree should be water if it does not

2017-01-10 Colorado Blue Spruce:

Here is a simple way to estimate the age. Measure up the trunk 54 inches, Ar that point on the trunk measure around the trunk and divide this circumference (in inches) by 3.14 Then mulitply this number

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