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Howard M. Fitzcharles III

Triumph TR-4 up & Spitfire, and Engine theory

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2017-01-07 1980 TR7 Spider convertible alternator belt:

Hi Vincent,    I don't remember which pulley grove it goes into but if you put it in a grove and just snug it up you can see if it is in line with the alternator pulley. Some water pump pulleys had several

2017-01-02 TR7:

Hi Rich,    The first thing to do is to remove the distributor rotor and put the car in 4th gear with the hand brake off. Look closely at the distributor shaft and move the car back and forth by hand and

2016-12-28 co2 emissions:

I tried to find a conversion of an example of 13 percent CO-2. As that is a common test reading of CO-2 here in the testing stations. All of the exhaust analyzers I have used over the years measure CO-2

2016-12-28 co2 emissions:

Hi Vasco,    Emissions standards here in the US are different in some states. Even the cars are equipped differently in many states. For example, A California car has more emission control equipment on

2016-12-15 1973 spit:

Hi Chuck,    I can't think of anything tying down the car to a flat bed that can make the drive shaft over in a angle. The only way it could is if the differential or the transmission were not fastened

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