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Howard M. Fitzcharles III

Triumph TR-4 up & Spitfire, and Engine theory

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2017-03-22 1978 Spitfire Ignition Switch:

Hi Pam,     If you have found a loose terminal on the back of the Ignition switch that could be the cause of the problem. Any loose connection needs to be corrected but keep in mind that only "May" be

2017-03-14 automatic choke:

Hi Vincent,    Tere were two types used. One had a plastic or an aluminum cap with two ports with the coolant hoses on. And one hex bolt in the center of the cap.    The one with the plastic or aluminum

2017-03-14 duel strongburg carbs hard to start:

Hi Vincent,    If it starts with starting fluid and starts by itself without starting fluid when warm and it runs good. It sure does point at the auto choke which is noted for failing.     There are different

2017-02-11 Rough Running Engine 77 Spitfire 1500:

Hi Brian,     Your compression readings indicate a problem. The 80 PSI is a sure misfire at low RPM. You need to run both a "Dry" compression test and a "Wet" on each cylinder. With all the plugs out run

2017-02-11 Triumph GT6 rotolex coupling:

Hi Greg,    To get the rubber "U" joint (rotoflex)off, you need to remove the wheel hub from the outer stub axle and remove the shock and the upper bolt that connectes the virticle link to the spring.

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