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Gene Ramsay

PLEASE read my instructions to you as a questioner about horns and value, etc. Most of those answers can be found at

I feel confident to answer all questions regarding trumpet and brass performing, practice techniques, and equipment inquiries. We never stop being "students" in music as we strive to grow technically and musically over our lifetime. Music is something that truly individualizes people and I would treat every question based on the individual asking the question.

Thomas Krueger

I can answer your questions about Buescher trumpets and cornets. I have been playing Buescher for 35 years and collecting for 7.

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2017-02-06 Getzen Proteus trumpet:

I can't realy give you an exact number. You might start with half of what the current retail cost is, and then look at completed eBay auctions for selling prices, comparing the condition of your horn to

2017-01-11 piccolo trumpet:

Yes, indeed they are very similar. Your air has to travel through the tiniest of piping and make it through many twists and turns. The velocity of the air is paramount.    What I suggest for that would

2017-01-08 piccolo trumpet:

Great question and congrats on working on that horn. It will teach you some valauble things as you progress...if you do it right.     The pic is keyed in C, obviously, in most cases. So learning the notes

2016-12-26 natural trumpet:

Yes and thank you for the follow up.    I'm in a funeral today playing my valveless bugle. I will be playing TAPS, which with the harmonics requires no valves.    As for crooks, it may be possible to change

2016-12-26 natural trumpet:

Joel,    Thanks for reaching out. I do need some clarification, however. What I need to know is:    What do you mean by "natural" player?    What do you understand "crooks" to be.    With the harmonics

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