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Questions regarding husbandry of Russian tortoises and other Mediterranean species, sulcata, and redfoot tortoises; general tortoise and turtle care; box turtle care. If I can't answer a specific question, I can provide sources for further research. Disclaimer: My advice is not a substitute for vet care. If I think your tortoise/turtle has a specific medical condition or injury that warrants a vet visit, I'll tell you so, and if possible I'll help you locate a vet. It is neither legal nor ethical for me to provide veterinary advice.


YOU WILL GET A REJECTION OF YOUR QUESTION IF YOU FAIL TO FOLLOW THE INSTRUCTIONS TO QUESTIONER IN FULL!!. I am primarily here to assist with health concerns. I am here for the more difficult questions. Not for questions that you could research and easily find the answer yourself. I have stringent standards that you provide DETAILED and RELEVANT background history on your pet before you ask me ANY question about it other than GENDER or ID. The requested information is in the instructions to questioner. Failure to answer EACH of those questions to provide that background will result in your question being REJECTED. I can answer questions related reptile husbandry, identification (esp. in Texas and the SW), legal aspects, and intermediate-advanced level medical care. I am the director of Wichita Falls Reptile Rescue (TX), a wildlife rehabilitator specializing in reptiles, a founding member of The Society for Horned Lizard Preservation, a subscriber to the International Veterinary Information Service,,, and a Dept of State Health Services certified animal control instructor (CE) for reptile handling. I do most of my own veterinary care in-house. I am most experienced in Chelonia (turtles&torts) with box turtles and common smaller .....

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2017-02-20 Hyperactive:

Hi Sanika,    I need more information on your turtle and how you're keeping him:    1). How old/big is your turtle?  2). How big is the tank and what kind of filter are you using?  3). What kind of basking

2017-01-23 Please help identify this turtle.:

Hi Dara,    Looks like a Mississipi mud turtle.  I'll put some links at the end for you, but in general a turtle needs:    1)  A roomy tank.  Figure 10 gallons of tank for each 1" of turtle, so a 3" turtle

2016-12-02 Razorback Musk Turtle Neurological Problom:

You had this as private. I don't do private questions. I changed it to public.     His hind end floating upward is not a balance issue. It's a buoyancy issue. There's a huge difference in those two things

2016-12-02 Razorback Musk Turtle Neurological Problom:

I need to clarify, he was a year and a half old and you bought him a couple of months ago?     Who did you buy him from and did the previous owner mention this issue?     Baytril for 21 days is too much

2016-11-30 Found I'll/injured box turtle:

This is going to take much more than can easily be covered here. I'm going to need various photos, weights, etc. and to see exactly what you're tube feeding and how much. You're going to have to come to

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