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Tom Schott

Civil War, Reconstruction, military and political, Southern politics, slavery, civil war causation, general American history. Prefer 18th/19th century, but can handle all.

Mary E Webster

Federalist papers. What the Founding Fathers would have to say about current political issues based on the Federalist Papers, written to defend and promote ratification of our Constitution. Spent 4 years studying The Federalist Papers and re-writing them into easier-to-read English. My new edition was published in Spring, 1999: The Federalist Papers: In Modern Language/Indexed for Today`s Political Issues Other than the Federalist Papers, my knowledge of history is very limited.

Michael Troy

I can answer just about any question on early American History. My specialties are the American Revolution through the Civil War/Reconstruction. I also have greater expertise in matters relating to military, political or legal history.

Joshua Patty

Abraham Lincoln; American Civil War; 19th Century American History; and American Religious History are all expert categories. Can also answer most questions about US Presidents; general American History; American government structure. Lifelong student of American history, especially Abraham Lincoln

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2014-10-17 history:

I disagree with your premise that Jefferson was limited in his ability.  He had strong majorities in both the House and Senate for his entire administration.  He could have repealed pretty much anything

2014-10-09 Spanish-American War:

1. The Spanish American War began in 1898.  The event that sparked the outbreak of war was the sinking of the USS Maine, a naval vessel docked in Havana harbor on Feb. 15.    The US sent an ultimatum to

2014-10-05 us history HELP please:

Hello,    At the time period when Britain was colonizing North America, only property owners were allowed to vote.  The colonies typically used this same restriction.    In practice, however, this was

2014-09-22 post iraq:

Muqtada Al Sadr was the son of a widely respected Ayatollah in Iraq.  His father had been killed by Saddam Hussein years earlier.  As Iraq descended into chaos after the US invasion, Al Sadr formed a militia

2014-09-13 cuban missile:

The Cuban Missile Crisis arose when the Soviet Union attempted to install medium range nuclear missiles in Cuba.  The US had attempted to invade Cuba the year before (the Bay of Pigs invasion) and Cuba

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