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Michael Troy

I can answer just about any question on early American History. My specialties are the American Revolution through the Civil War/Reconstruction. I also have greater expertise in matters relating to military, political or legal history.

Tom Schott

Civil War, Reconstruction, military and political, Southern politics, slavery, civil war causation, general American history. Prefer 18th/19th century, but can handle all.

Joshua Patty

Abraham Lincoln; American Civil War; 19th Century American History; and American Religious History are all expert categories. Can also answer most questions about US Presidents; general American History; American government structure. Lifelong student of American history, especially Abraham Lincoln

Mary E Webster

Federalist papers. What the Founding Fathers would have to say about current political issues based on the Federalist Papers, written to defend and promote ratification of our Constitution. Spent 4 years studying The Federalist Papers and re-writing them into easier-to-read English. My new edition was published in Spring, 1999: The Federalist Papers: In Modern Language/Indexed for Today`s Political Issues Other than the Federalist Papers, my knowledge of history is very limited.

Paul Edward Zukowski

My area of interest include political, military, social & legal history. I am a generalist. Feel free to ask about anything. I have a strong interest in the history of the state of Connecticut.

Marc Aperio

I'm able to answer most questions about US History, whether related to political, social, economic, or military issues.

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2016-11-08 Women's history:

Hi Elizabeth,    I'll be glad to help with your question.     The term "scholarly article" typically refers to a publication in a peer-reviewed journal like (in the case of history), the American Historical

2016-11-06 Ensign during King Philip's war:

Hello,    During King Phillip's War, an Ensign was the lowest ranked officer in an infantry company, just below a Lieutenant.  Ensigns received their commissions from the General Court (which was the colonial

2016-11-06 U.S 1302 1877:

Ok, Helen Hunt Jackson had quite a different view of the Indians.  She was a staunch advocate of Indians in the decades following the Civil War.  In her book, Jackson points out that the Government repeatedly

2016-11-05 U.S 1302 1877:

Hello,    Andrew Jackson was not big on obeying any laws, let alone treaties.  Throughout his life, Jackson regularly violated laws if he deemed it in the nation's self interest.  It's the same reason

2016-10-15 Terms of address for American aristocracy:

Hi Tim,    I'll be glad to help with your question.    America in the 19th century, especially before the Civil War, prided itself on being egalitarian instead of having a rigid class system like in Europe

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