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I can answer questions on WHAT that thing was you saw in the sky, and WHAT happened to that missing 20 minutes while driving home, and just basic UFO questions. I can help eliminate the 90% that really is something explainable. Also work for www.badalien.org

Michael Clark, Ph.D.

Human beings almost always interpret reality. Even with so-called paranormal or spiritual experiences, an interpretive process usually follows.

With this in mind, I'm interested in how the alleged experience of UFOs and Aliens affects human beings.

I'm not a debunker of UFOs and Aliens nor a blind believer. If you're looking for statistics, a verification or refutation of popular cases in the media or historical answers, please ask another expert. But if you're seeking a psychological, cultural and spiritual analysis of the belief in UFOs and Aliens, I can most likely be of assistance.


With over 30 years of studying Metaphysics and also being in Military Intelligence throughout the Desert Storm era, there is not much I have come across that I can not answer. Nevertheless, that doesn't really matter to some extent because knowledge in this category is nothing without proof. I can tell you the truth but only you can believe it or leave it.

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2017-01-21 Ashtar Command:

Hi, Michael Langley. Thank you for your questions.     None of the alien people who my husband and I have personal contact with have ever introduced themselves as either "Ashtar Command" or as "known as

2016-10-31 Scientist find evidence of intelligent signals coming from 234 stars:

Hi, Mack. Thank you for your thoughtful questions!    You must mean this: https://techcrunch.com/2016/10/25/scientists-say-signals-from-certain-stars-are-probably-aliens/     I will make a few comments

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