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Dr.Seema Nigar Alvi

Question pertaining to issues of health and seeking unani treatment and. The phaemacological effects of Unani drugs .The methodology of unani drugs and their efficacy. Unani drugs are indeed highly effdective in curing various diseases.

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2016-09-11 hep b:

Thank you for the question.  You can start with Majoon dabeedul ward 5 gm twice a day and sharbat kamooni and sharbat baadyaan 5 ml 5 ml each in half a glass of water, twice a day. Take all medicines for

2016-08-06 PCOS and Irregular Periods:

Walekum assalam    Thanks for the question. Before starting the treatment I would ask you to show me the sonograpgy report latest off course. You can scan and send at my email ID. In the meantime start

2016-08-02 stomach ulcer:

Dear Sabahat,  I suggest you to take Javarish e Shahi 1/2 teaspoon twice daily along with Qurs e Alkali 1-0-1 with water.  I thought you knew about Unani and enquired regarding Masthagi.  Hence I suggested

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