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I can answer questions regarding general computers, data base, software, system design, Mainframe, SAP system, and word processing packages and programming.
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2017-03-19 Data Flow:

Hello santhoshreddy:  Basically, every computer system has I/O device interface which converts key stroke into '0' and '1'.  Computer memory is all represented with on/off (0 or 1).  I strongly recommend

2017-03-17 Toshiba Satellite M45 Laptop*:

Hello john,  Thanks for asking this question.  Increasing the RAM will definitely improve performance of laptop.  Please make sure that your model RAM can be upgradable to 4GB.  I don't think 93GB is the

2017-03-02 Data Flow:

Hello,  Thanks for asking this question.  Each field defined in computer where we enter data is defined as a specific data type such as numeric or character. And the value we enter is converted and represented

2017-02-18 FIRE ESCAPE:

Hello Cameron:  Thanks for asking this question.  Definition is:  - A firewall is a network security system, either hardware- or software-based, that uses rules to control incoming and outgoing network

2017-02-15 YouTube:

Hello David:  Thanks for asking this question.    Google has such a large number of servers, over million servers across the world.  And search and store algorithm is so efficient to search and upload

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