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Warren Scott

I can answer any questions pertaining to the Urantia Book.

Brother Dave

General and advanced questions on Biblical and Urantia Book Christian Theology, spirituality, God-seeking and God-finding, personal God-consciousness, supreme values of love, mercy, service ministry, truth, beauty and goodness, much greater detail on the Life and Teachings of Jesus Christ, Deity, Reality, trends in religion and spirituality, interfaith, mysticism, science and philosophy related to religion, integration of science, philosophy and religion, transformative Visions of God such as given to Blaise Pascal, Charles Finney and others, Cosmic consciousness, origin-nature-destiny of humans and other beings. Normally, I choose not to answer sarcastic questions of atheists or other overtly immoral questions.


I have read much of the Urantia and have studied the various comments from others who have blogged or written about it. I have studied the pros and cons. I am a cosmologist at heart, looking for conformity in the view of the universe and the integration of science, theology, mythology and anthropomorphically common ground.

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