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Stephen W. Leslie, MD

Questions concerning erectile dysfunction, kidney stones and prostate disorders including prostate cancer. I have a special interest in kidney stone disease prevention.

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2016-12-04 Stone removal and TURP during a single surgery:

Dan    Measuring the prostate volume is not necessary since he has already done the cystoscopy. That is the measurement that matters. An overnight stay after TURP is standard. We are not allowed underFederal

2016-12-04 Can't void my bladder for 3 days:

Catherine    Sorry, but you need to immediately see your physician or go to an Emergency Room. If you have not voided in 3 days, either the bladder is over-distended and in retention, or the kidneys are

2016-12-03 signals:

Gul    With the exception of testosterone and the possible discovery of diabetes, no blood test is likely to be helpful in the treatment of ED.  The most common causes of loss of desire or libido are low

2016-12-02 DIgital rectal exam:

Jeff    Routine digitalbrectal exsms are no longer recommended for men 70 and over for prostate checks in men who are not symptomatic. Even PSA are not recommended either based on data suggesting most

2016-12-01 little dribbling after peeing:

Joe    A small amount of post void dribbling is very common. No specific testing is usually done. Treatment involves pressing your fingers into the base of the scrotum then pushing forwards to the base

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