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Stephen W. Leslie, MD

Questions concerning erectile dysfunction, kidney stones and prostate disorders including prostate cancer. I have a special interest in kidney stone disease prevention.

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2017-01-09 Chronic Urinary Tract Infection.:

Kaylan:    Frequent UTIs are often due to suboptimal personal hygiene.  An abridged version of our patient guide to Preventing UTIs is at the end of this message.    Use of a low dose antibiotic is reasonable

2017-01-08 Frequent Urination:

Ali    You need to do a voiding diary. Write down the Tim's snd amount you void for 25 hours.  This will determine if the problem is bladder overactivity or a high urinary volume.    The fact that the

2017-01-08 Finasteride - penis size:

Anthony    I repeat that there are no reports in the medical literature that confirm any negative effect on penis size or health from Finasteride. Therefore, I view anecdotal reports as being unproven

2017-01-07 Finasteride - penis size:

Anthony    There are no reports of low dose Finasteride affecting penis size. The most likely cause us Peyronie's. You may want to have it checked by a urologist to be sure.

2017-01-06 Stinging in the scrotum:

Alex:    This is more of a dermatology issue than urology.  Unfortunately, the nature of your itching is unclear from the available information.  I suggest you take a low dose of aspirin (often helps with

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