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Stephen W. Leslie, MD

Questions concerning erectile dysfunction, kidney stones and prostate disorders including prostate cancer. I have a special interest in kidney stone disease prevention.

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2017-02-25 catzeriation:

Howard    Having to go often with just a weak stream and having to do straight cath suggests urinary retention and/or a badly weakened bladder.    UTI rate is low and sepsis is only a fraction of that

2017-02-24 High PSA Levels.:

Jahanzaib    PSA is elevated and the prostate is enlarged. Typical treatment would include prostate medication like tamsulosin and a voiding trial. If successful, he will need a biopsy to see if there

2017-02-24 erection:

Gul    Your question is a little unclear and lacks some details. Herbal remedies are mostly worthless. Violist is an excellent drug but expensive. Cialis can last 36 hours. Do not mix medicines without

2017-02-23 Penis head vein:

Without an actual examination it is not possible to make an accurate determination of the nature of the lesion. While there are venous channels in the head of the penis, there are no actual veins as in

2017-02-22 High PSA Levels.:

Jahanzaib:    I am unable to open or read the reports you sent and so I cannot comment on them.  Either find another way to post them here, such as sending them as a picture, or retype them and send them

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