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Stephen W. Leslie, MD

Questions concerning erectile dysfunction, kidney stones and prostate disorders including prostate cancer. I have a special interest in kidney stone disease prevention.

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2017-04-22 Adult circumcision post op concerns:

Matt    It's impossible to make any reliable conclusions from your description and the pictures without a direct examination. However, a few general comments.    Asking for a "tight" circumcision is asking

2017-04-21 zertec:

Howard    Zyrtec can act as a mild bladder relaxer but it usually does not affect the prostate directly. The true answer is that if if bothers you, you should probably not use it or try an alternative

2017-04-11 streached bladder:

Barry    Self cathing will help prevent further damage but will not shrink the bladder. To do that, you will have to leave the catheter in for 2-3 weeks and even that may not work.    The cause of your

2017-04-09 No Subject:

Kaiser    If the bladder is truly decompensated or permanently overstretched, there may not be any curative remedy. Treatments would now include self intermittent catheterization or a permanent Foley.

2017-04-09 Testicular Hypogonadism:

Nick    In general, the "normal" limit is about 300 but it varies between laboratories. I cannot say why the insurance company is denying the claim or trying to micromanage your care. There is always an

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