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ray paulsen

confused buying with confidence from dealer or private...consumer fears...paying to much...getting a lemon...accident car...fair value for trade...negotiation simply want a fair deal... YOU MAY QUICKLY FIND ANSWERS YOU'RE LOOKING FOR AT MY WEBSITE IF NOT I WILL BE MORE THAN HAPPY TO ANSWER ANY QUESTIONS.


Understanding how your credit report is used when purchasing a vehicle. Understanding the "Simple Interest Contract". When to put money down and why. I can give you some basic questions to ask the dealer befor signing your papers. I can answer about any question you have about buying a used car from a dealer. I am in Michigan and laws do vary from state to state. I will always try to help with any question regarding used cars.

Roger Alvey

I can answer any question about the car buying process. I am a recognized industry expert on all issues regarding auto finance, including sub prime and buy here pay here financing, I can answer questions about car lock out systems, GPS monitoring by your bank, and about auto recovery methods and defenses. I am a 20 yr car industry expert and can tell you what to look for in a used car, how to negotiate the deal, help with how to market your own car, and how to negotiate with the internet department of any car store. I can tell you every single way the dealer is set up to beat you and how to avoid those traps, I can discuss all aftermarket and extended service contract products you will be offered in the finance process, I have lectured extensively on "The Best Way to Buy a Car" to civic groups and university students. I am a credit expert and can tell you what the dealer and banks are looking for and the rate you can expect to pay. CHECK OUT MY WEBSITE AT

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2016-08-31 Reply to your answer of my previous post:

SEE MY OTHER ANSWER ...AS  far as leasing is concerned since you appear to like to change vehicles every 4 years or so ...which makes sense with your dynamic ever changing family make up. One important

2016-08-30 Buying a car and trading in:

OK here is the plan:    You definitely need to immediately file the claim with your insurance co. Go find the highest estimate you can find from the best body shop in town and submit it with your claim

2016-08-30 Buying a car and trading in:

Hi Marisa thanks for the question I'm traveling between Eugene and Portland at the moment however if you could answer a couple questions for me it will make it easier to respond to your question.    What

2016-08-14 Factory warranty on used cars:

I have answered over a thousand questions where many lead up to the same answer, yours is a new one, thank you.    If it bothers you, simply phone a franchise dealer of that make and submit to service

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