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Bob Heifler

Free Microsoft Access Tutorial Videos are available to you at my web site. Fifteen years of Microsoft Access experience allows me to answer most of your questions. Common question example files available here.

Manish Batola

ALL MICROSOFT ACCESS DESIGN AND Development QUESTIONS which occur in a Access Projects Lifecycle. Can offer constructive help on Designing Advanced MS-ACCESS Applications such CRM/FRM(Follow-up),HSE-Health,Safety & Environmental Applications,School Management Systems,Hotel Software, Hospital Software,Chemicals Indenting,Import/Export,MRP - Manufacturing Resource Planning, ERP - Enterprise Resource Planning, Automotive Management Systems, Business Intelligence for Oil & Gas Drilling Operations, CRM,KPI- Key Performance Indicators,HealthCare, Hospitality, Constructions, Loyalty Clubs, Call Centers, Travel & Tourism, Educational Institutions, Industrial Strength Invoicing and many more being added every year.

Julie Misson

My area of expertise is Microsoft Access 2000-2007. I have been building microsoft databases for the past twelve years. I would be competent in answering questions from novice Access 2000 users to the more advanced including VBA. If I cannot help, I am more than likely be able to point you to websites that can.


I can answer almost all types of questions relating to Microsoft Access usage and application design. My strengths are database and interface design.

Richard Rost

I am happy to answer any kinds of questions about Microsoft Access - from basic table design to advanced VBA programming. Also, please feel free to check the Access Tips & Tricks section of my web site, and free Access 101 tutorial.

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2016-10-17 MS Access Linked Tables:

There are a couple of ways to link to tables in an external SQL database. The most common way is to create a ODBC Data Set Name (DSN). This is done using the ODBC Administrator.     You need to be careful

2016-10-14 Combo box:

Correct, Access does not know whether a field should be using a list control or not. The only data type that automatically uses a specific control type is a Yes/No data type which uses a check box. You

2016-10-11 MS Access Linked Tables:

Hi Sam,    Thanks for the question.    I have only had to do this once or twice.  I had no luck with directly linking to the table that accesses the SQL via the OBDC, I had to create an Append query, to

2016-10-11 Dynamically updateing a combo box from a choice in another combo box using separate tables.:

Sorry for the delay. I missed seeing this question earlier,    I'm surprised you haven't found the information as this is a standard technique called cascading or synchronized comboboxes. If you search

2016-09-22 Linking main form and subform:

Hi Oleg,    Have you set up Relationships?  Can be found under Database Tools.  If not:    Open the relationships window and drag in your tables. Set them up as I have in the attached pictures.    Note

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