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Bob Heifler

Free Microsoft Access Tutorial Videos are available to you at my web site. Fifteen years of Microsoft Access experience allows me to answer most of your questions. Common question example files available here.

Manish Batola

ALL MICROSOFT ACCESS DESIGN AND Development QUESTIONS which occur in a Access Projects Lifecycle. Can offer constructive help on Designing Advanced MS-ACCESS Applications such CRM/FRM(Follow-up),HSE-Health,Safety & Environmental Applications,School Management Systems,Hotel Software, Hospital Software,Chemicals Indenting,Import/Export,MRP - Manufacturing Resource Planning, ERP - Enterprise Resource Planning, Automotive Management Systems, Business Intelligence for Oil & Gas Drilling Operations, CRM,KPI- Key Performance Indicators,HealthCare, Hospitality, Constructions, Loyalty Clubs, Call Centers, Travel & Tourism, Educational Institutions, Industrial Strength Invoicing and many more being added every year.


I can answer almost all types of questions relating to Microsoft Access usage and application design. My strengths are database and interface design.

Bob Alston

I can answer general Access questions and also specific ones about Replication. I am not a good person to ask Access 2007 specific questions. For free online Access tutorials, look here:

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2017-02-15 Sequential Numbering:

Ok, Are you sure that is form?     Try it like this:    Forms!formname!controlname = Nz(DMax(“[Claim Reference]”,”tblWarrantyClaims”),0)+1    Use the actual form and control names.    it is not a good

2017-02-10 Securing BackEnd file:

Read my blog on Securing the Back End    But frankly, if you have people who will try to get past the front end, then you have a bigger problem. I have well over 100 Access apps and I don't use extraordinary

2017-02-02 Passing value between forms:

I would do it differently.     DoCmd.OpenForm "frmTimEntry",,,,acAdd    Then, on frmTimeentry I would set the default value for txtValue2 to Forms!frmLogin.txtValue1.    The problem is likely that the

2017-02-02 Passing value between forms:

You can open the form in Add Mode and then assign values to the controls. Or you could set the default value to read from the referenced control.    

2017-01-27 Log User Activity:

Don't use .Value. first it its the default value when referencing a control on a form and that's not what you are doing. You are referencing a variable passed to the procedure.     You should be using:

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