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Please ask me any questions regarding the efficiency, durability, and value of 99.5% of today's vacuum cleaners, residential and commercial. I am able to help, also, with your residential carpet cleaners and vapor steamers. I cannot answer questions such as "how much should I pay for my vac?" "how often should I change the bag, belt, filter?" or "how often should I vacuum?" , etc. I also will not advise you how to use equipment for other than its original application; including any disassembly or modification not approved by the unit's manufacturer.

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2016-10-06 Carpet Cleaner:

Hello Susan. Thank you for your question. First off, just as fyi, the motor on the pump can run even when the pump won't pump. The pump can still be faulty. Moving forward, if you plug it in & turn it

2016-07-26 electrolux model c153a lux 7000:

Hey Joe, so sorry for the delay. Your question got lost in the ether. I have some tasks for you to help determine wherein your problem lies. First, let's eliminate the possibility of a clog. Does the vacuum

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