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I can answer technical questions about installation, use, and maintinence of most 3D Graphics hardware, and software. I can offer assistance with overclocking (while I do not suggest overclocking while under warranty) and I can give assistance with more complicated problems to the full extent of my abilities.

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2016-09-29 icon safe to reomove hardware:

If the drive was improperly removed (e.g. not "ejected") then Windows may not properly register it as available until it has completed the "repair check" routine. This can happen if the computer is powered

2016-09-04 letter for flash drive:

Try "ejecting" the various USB devices from Windows (right click on their icons in Computer and select "Eject"). It may be the case that when reconnected (you'll have to physically remove and re-plug the

2016-08-26 safety:

It should not be in a perpetual search mode, however I wouldn't go as far as saying that its internal radio is 100% deactivated/out of the loop. If your goal is something with no radio, I would buy an

2016-08-22 safety:

If I'm understanding correctly this is a combo base unit that offers a wired receiver and wireless handsets? And you're only wanting to use the wired receiver, correct?    Wireless phones will generally

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