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michaela keenan

i know a lot about vines as i have lived in a a large metropolitan where space was a premium and vines were a great solution. I also to smaller and much colder city with my vines intact.

Kathleen Franklin

I can answer all kinds of questions about vines that thrive in most U.S. soils/climates, though I am more knowledgeable about Zones 4-8. I am a huge fan of vines (even the sort of "Look out, Martha, here it comes again" varieties), especially wisteria, climbing hydrangea, Carolina jessamine, and (invasive though it is) English Ivy. I grow them all, and would love to share what I've learned with you!

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2016-07-22 golden pothos:

Hello Rasha,  I hope you are well, also; thank you for writing, and thank you for sending the photographs, they are very helpful.  Golden ivy, or "Pothos," is a wonderful houseplant and I like the way

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