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Guy Percy

I am a bass player(upright and electric) and I teach elementary school orchestra. I specialize in jazz and rock bass playing, but can field many other questions related to strings in general.

James S. Fisher

Please Note: For an accurate appraisal of your instrument's value or history, I must advise you to take it to a local luthier or string shop for an evaluation. It's really not possible to do this with any accuracy via email.

However, I am happy to answer other questions about violins, bows, violin playing, and violin/bow repair. I can also talk with you about what bows, rosin, strings, cases, shoulder rests, etc. might work best for you and your particular instrument. (There are some great new products on the market.) I've taught violin and fiddle playing for the past 18 years and will answer questions about playing and technique.

Bill Alpert

BEFORE YOU ASK, PLEASE NOTE: I cannot answer questions about instrument repair or value. You need to visit a reputable local violin shop for such assistance, or do some reasearch online: I can answer questions related to the study of the violin, teaching violin and the performance of concert (classical) music. I'm happy to assist anyone who is serious about his/her violin journey as a pathway to personal growth and musical achievement.

Steve Levine

I can answer almost any question regarding the classical violin.Both playing and history. Also repertoire.

Michael Barkas

I can answer some questions concerning violin playing and violin compositions, but I can't give info about technical problems, bows, violin making etc.

David Lashof

I can answer questions on violin, viola, cello and bass making, repair and maintenance as well as supply general violin value ranges and information on instrument makersí assuming the instrument's as labeled. I don't give values for modern makers as many of these modern makers are yet unknown to me. I can only give you feedback based on what information you give me, and no authority on the instrument can know every maker's work that ever lived. I have access to many books on makers and auction prices on over 25,000 makers, as well as having 36 years of experience with selling and appraising violins. Without having the instrument in hand, any estimate over the internet is just a guess as the label inside an instrument is more often wrong than right, so just having that information is not very useful. Pictures can sometimes be helpful but only so much, as the "feel" of the instrument along with small clues in workmanship and varnish cannot be seen in pictures. Any pictures should be high quality close-ups of the top and back. Additional photos of the front and treble side of the neck are also useful. It is always best .....

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2017-04-19 Violin info:

Hi Bill    While there were a few different makers with the last name of Salzard, none simply stamped the last name without a first name or at least an initial. However, in the late 1800's and early 1900's

2017-04-12 Gennaro Gagliano Violin:

Hi Hank    Of course it's possible it's real. Gagliano's are not Strads, and are not universally known. That being said, there are very few of them with his label as he frequently used a facsimile label

2017-04-05 Stradivari:

From the dress of the man in the photo, he looks to me 18/19th century. Also he is young and I'm sure there were no portraits of Strad. until he was well into his 60's and well known. Plus he was 17th

2017-04-04 Stradivari:

any chance of seeing the picture?  Steve

2017-04-02 violin value:

Hi Susan    The Ton Klar was a staple beginner instrument from Lewis from at least the 1950's. They came in different  models but that model number isn't familiar to me. I know the models by their model

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