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David Williams

I have traveled Washington State extensively to the point where I have visited all four corners of the state and everything in between. This includes 493 cities, every lighthouse, ferry boat, mountain pass, hydroelectric dam, and even the tribal casinos. I can answer questions regarding day trips, weekend trips, scenic trips, the best towns to visit, the best roadside attractions, and anything in between.

Alice Karsevar

I have lived in Washington for over 12 years. I have worked as front desk at Washington's highest rated RV Resort. I know a lot about big tourist attractions, deals, vacation ideas, and the cheapest fun things to do for families visiting the Washington State. My main expertise is in Seattle and Spokane.

Lindsey Sterling

I can answer questions about any fun activities that are available in the state of Washington. This includes nightlife, dining, travel, hotels, hostels, transportation, parks and recreation, etc. I also know a lot about the history of Seattle and the businesses that have sproated from our Pacific Northwest soil (Microsoft, Nordstrom, Starbucks, Nintendo, Red Robin, R.E.I)

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