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Dr. Henry Boyter, Jr.

No homework or other schoolwork! The question will be rejected. If you have not searched, do so before posting. If you are a student, give your grade and course. Everyone, explain the purpose and context for the question.
Experience in the area
Chemistry (non-biochemistry), environmental science, occupational health and safety, environmental regulation and management, environmental engineering, and wastewater engineering. I'm the Director of Environmental, Health, and Safety and the Director of Research at the Institute of Textile Technology.

Abhijit Bhar

I can answer on water analysis for physical and chemical test, elemental analysis, pesticide analysis, VOCs and other organic pollutant analysis. The effect of the parameters on human health for short term and long term. I csn not answer on water treatment process technology.

Dr V N Sivasankara Pillai

Chemical quality, water treatment

Steve Young

I will answer questions on residential water treatment, i.e. use of softeners, filters, reverse osmosis systems, disinfection, iron and/or sediment removal and other issues facing the homeowner. I have worked extensively with well water systems.

Fred E. Brunetti CWSV

My field of expertise is in domestic water treatment. I am retired and have 28 years of experience in the water treatment field. I have earned the designation of Water Specialist, level five, from the Water Quality Association.I can offer help in the solution for private wells` problems as to `point of entry` and `point of use` treatments. these would include,disinfection,conditioning,and purification for drinking including reverse osmosis technology. Problems concerning well pumps,or plumbing or well drilling are out of my field,as well as commericial,industrial or municipal water treatment. I prefer to limit questions to the average homeowner`s use.Since retiring I have added consultation on the care and ,maintenance of domestic water treatment systems. These include filtration, conditioning/softening,chemical feed, and drinking water systems.

Don Moore

Can - Dealing with Regulatory agencies, including; City, State and Federal entities. Storm Water Issues in communities, and dealing with developement. Individual responsibility and Urban Runoff. Can't - Legal rights, legal advice.

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2016-11-18 Lake Water quality:

Hi John.  Thanks for asking All Experts.Unfortunately your question is outside my expertise. My best suggestion would be to try the Water Quality Association's site  maybe they can steer you

2016-10-15 follow-up to water softener questions with test results:

Hi Laurie,    Yes, reduce the softener setting to around 9-10 and monitor.  Also, let me know how this reduction affects the "feel" of the water.  I am a little puzzled by the somewhat low pH - also test

2016-10-06 Water softener worked fine few weeks ago, but now water is not slippery but tests soft:

Hi Laurie,  Yes, you can purchase a kit.  I would recommend contacting this company:    Tell them you need a test kit for total hardness in ppm, total alkalinity in ppm

2016-10-05 Water softener worked fine few weeks ago, but now water is not slippery but tests soft:

Hi Laurie,  First of all the water coming out of the plant is not even close to being soft!  5.1 - 5.2 gpg hardness is around 75-80ppm (parts per million).  In order to be soft water must be less than

2016-03-23 Aquatec Water Purifier:

Hello Trevor,  I have been unable to find out anything about this company.  Based on the information you have given me I, personally, would just continue with your present water treatment system.  I see

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