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Jerry Goodwin

I can answer questions related to any of the following areas alternative medicine, fitness, physical education, weight training, senior health, bicycling, personal trainers, personal training, medical technology, health and wellness, eating disorders, weight loss, Naturopathy, first aid, and bodybuilding. In fact I was listed as an expert in each of these categories at until they closed down

Karen Skidmore

I can answer questions in the following areas: general fitness questions, strength training, flexibility, aerobic training, balance training and corrective/rehab training. Please no questions regarding specific injuries I would need more information then what you can provide in an email to answer these questions accurately. You must be 18 years or older to ask me a question. If you need more in depth help or would like help with your specific workout plans please visit my website. I offer online training and phone consultations. I also offer a monthly newsletter.

Greg Hoppe

I can answer questions on proper exercise technique, starting as well as growing in attaining your fitness goals and questions regrading how the human body works from an exercise physiology standpoint. I can assist with any questions regarding anatomy & physiology, stretching and rehabilitation. I am also extremely well versed and experienced in martial arts, self-defense and massage therapy.


The following types of questions are fine: overall benefits of exercise, bodyfat reduction / weight loss, interests, training for specific bodyparts, order of exercises and reps/sets, routine suggestions, general questions. The following types of questions I will NOT answer: questions about physical therapy training post-injury, questions about training after medical treatment.

Nilo Lins

Questions I can answer: Use of the Olympic lifts in sports specific training. Use of resistance training in sports specific, fat loss, body composition improvement. Motor pattern corrections via proprioception improvements. Fundamental uses of free weights, medicine balls,stability balls, etc.

Adam Kessler

I am a speed expert. I can answer any questions you have in regards to getting faster and quicker. Also, any other sport-specific training questions that you may have. Strength training is important to developing speed so if you are an athlete needing help on your strength program, I can also provide assistance.

If you have general questions about weight loss or gain, I have created a document that answers a lot of those questions. If your question falls in this area, please download this document and read what you need to do. This will save me and you time. Please click here to download this document. I will NOT answer any general weight loss/weight gain questions that does not pertain to an athlete.

Also, please don't ask me to give you a workout to do. I can't give individualized workouts over this forum. I know nothing about you. If you misinterpret what I'm saying, get hurt, then I get in trouble. So no workouts period.

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Vveth Hammer

I can answer questions relateing to practical strength training, that is, training that you can actually use. sports. martial arts or just wanting to satisfy the instinct to be powerful, I can assist you.

Karen Fili Sullivan

Get on the inside track with Karen and her daily advice. Or on FacebookLIKE us at ZWL - Zen of Whole Living I have more than 30 years experience and can help with lifting technique, muscle recovery, weight loss, body building and powerlifting. I've been certified by AFPA as a Personal Trainer and 12 years ago acquired a second certification from the same agency as a Post Rehabilitative Exercise Specialist. Any recommendations or advice rendered are based on fitness information as specified by the American College of Sports Medicine and the American Fitness Professionals and Associates. Follow my Blog on

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2016-10-12 Gears:

Hi James,    I am sure there is, but I have never really got that "technical". Basically the bigger gears on the front combining with the smaller gears on the back increase resistance and cause the bike

2016-09-04 mini trampoline:

Hey Barry,  Welcome back. So the trampoline is a great alternative to running and a wise choice for saving your knees. But you sacrifice calorie expenditure for staying pain free, at least in comparing

2016-09-02 Bicep pain:

Hi Scott,    Sounds like you may have torn something such as a ligament, that can happen when you try to do too much too fast. Best bet is to see a physician, preferably one that specializes in orthopedics

2016-09-01 Bikes in rain:

Hi James,    Probably means the chain and drivetrain need some lube, probably a good clean and lube for the drivetrain. if the noise appears to be coming from inside the bottom bracket or inside the rear

2016-08-19 Exercise & Aging:

James  When you start looking for short cuts you stop making improvements. If you want to avoid DOMS don't weight train.Health and fitness are two totally different things. You must first define fitness

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