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Jonathan Wright

I can answer questions about wild mammals and other animals, as well as extinct animals and zoos. I am not an expert about every animal species. I can look up information from books and the internet, but can't verify if all the information is true. Please don't ask questions about: 1. Pets. I am not a vet. Please contact a vet if your pet is ill. You may need to spend some money if you want your pet to live. Don't get a pet if you don't know how to look after it and if you can't provide it with the space, food and possible companions that will help it live a healthy life. Don't take animals from the wild, unless they are ill and/or injured and you can protect them until a wildlife charity can help. It is cruel to take animals from their parents, especially if the parents will look for the babies, while putting their other babies at risk. You may be breaking the law by keeping wild animals or you may need a licence to look after some species. Please check with a local wildlife group. 2. Eggs: Please don't remove eggs from nests. The mother .....

Fady D. Isho

I can answer general questions about any and all of the phyla within the kingdom Animalia. I am most knowledgeable on the predatory, reproductive, and intraspecific and interspecific behavior of megafauna, including but not limited to the big cats, ursines, hyenas, canids, and the like. I can also answer some questions about animal conservation, but please do not ask me how to rehabilitate feral animals. Virtually every state in America has a local animal shelter or rehabilitation center that serves that purpose. I would also prefer not to answer questions about hypothetical animal fights.


I ONLY ANSWER QUESTIONS ABOUT COMMON LOONS. As a Common Loon expert, I can answer any questions about Common Loons - from biology, behavior, conservation, habitat and environmental issues effecting Loons. AGAIN, I ANSWER COMMON LOONS QUESTIONS ONLY - IF YOU HAVE QUESTIONS ABOUT OTHER ANIMALS, PLEASE ASK A DIFFERENT EXPERT. Thank you!

Dyan deNapoli

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I ONLY ANSWER QUESTIONS ABOUT PENGUINS. As a recognized penguin expert, I can authoritatively answer any questions about penguins - from biology, behavior, conservation, habitat or the impacts of global warming, to working in an aquarium setting and husbandry management etc. AGAIN, I ANSWER PENGUIN QUESTIONS ONLY - IF YOU HAVE QUESTIONS ABOUT OTHER ANIMALS, PLEASE ASK A DIFFERENT EXPERT. Thank you!

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2016-11-19 Penguins and abnormal behaviours:

Hello Michael,    Thank you for your question about penguins. I worked with 3 different species of penguins for 9 years at the New England Aquarium in Boston. We had 69 birds at the time, and I never saw

2016-10-27 My neighbor's cat brought me a tail…:

Dear Rachel    Thank you for your question and photo. I also wish to thank the authors of the websites I used.    I agree with your identification. I think the tail belongs to a southern flying squirrel

2016-10-14 What to feed Baby Chipmunks:

Dear Azim,    Best bet is to find a licensed wildlife rehabilitator and get them there as fast as possible.  In the meantime, here are sites that can help:

2016-09-21 Animal's Life Span in zoos and circuses compared to the wild:

Dear Kellie    Thank you for your question. I also wish to thank the authors of the websites I used.    Dr Bob ( gives a list of maximum life spans for many animals

2016-09-17 Primates:

Dear Adam,    Different species follow different evolutionary paths, and it's not always simple to for us to understand how closely related species can have very different survival strategies.    Female

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