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Aaron Luna

I've spent a decade building primitive bows and arrow , a majority of them made utilizing nothing but stone tools . That particular weapon has been perfected by me and I have successfully hunted the elusive whitetail deer with primitive sinew backed bows , rawhide bowstrings , hazel shafting fletched with turkey feathers and handmade flint-knapped points . In the aspects of primitive survival , I can answer just about any question regarding shelter construction in all environments , water purification utilizing primitive methods , fire making and maintaining with the bow drill , and trapping and tracking / observation . This also includes clothing making from buckskin and cordage making . Medicinal and edible plants are also engrained in my mind . I have spent years perfecting these unique and individualized skills . I have spent 5 months and 12 days in the New Hampshire bush with nothing but a heavy knife , a whetstone , and the clothes on my back .

Michael James Douglas

I can answer questions about wilderness survival, primitive skills, bushcraft, mentoring, outdoor education, nature, awareness and tracking. The subsets of these skill areas are vast and include Shelter Building, dressing for the out of doors, fiber arts, wild crafting, making cordage from plants, trees, and animal parts, flint knapping and stone tools, bone tool making, crafting and using hunting tools from the landscape, tracking, trailing, track interpretation, edible, medicinal, and utilitarian plants, trees, and shrubs, primitive pottery, fermentation, fungi for food and medicine, identifying hazards, movement, camouflage, and concealment, making baskets and containers, water gathering and purification, using bird language to read the landscape for survival needs and the movement/location of other living things on the landscape, primitive/modern navigation, fire making off the landscape, fire by friction, ice lenses, and approaches to survival atttude.

Wilderness Survival / Primitive Skills

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