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Stephen M. Vantassel

I can assist the public in responding to all kinds of wildlife related problems in the United States and Canada, including birds, mice, rats, skunks, raccoons, beavers, opossums, voles, moles, chipmunks, woodchucks, pocket gophers, and more. Please note that I specialize in vertebrates only, (animals with a backbone). While learning about insects, other experts should be consulted with insect questions. My passion is wildlife damage identification, for if you don't know what animal is causing the problem, you can't begin to resolve it responsibly. My latest book is the Wildlife Damage Inspection Handbook 3rd edition (2012). It is available at my site or by visiting my various vendors. (A simple internet search on the book's title will bring you to them).

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2017-03-26 crop theft:

You have given precious little information. Where do you look be, what time of day did the damage occur? Over how many days? What kind and height of fence?   I would think if deer was the problem you would

2017-03-18 animal culprit eating our garden:

Glad you aren't putting poison out because you should never put poison out unless you know what the culprit is. Using a pesticide randomly would be illegal and somewhat perilous.     Without more information

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