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Russell Spataro

Construction, home repair, tile, cabinets, flooring, framing, windows, siding, concrete, new construction, remodeling

Tony Wood

I can answer questions regarding style, function, and construction features on a wide range of windows and doors. I also have extensive experience in the repair and replacement of many types of windows and doors. My expertise also includes carpentry, painting, framing, siding/boxing, decks and screen and glass enclosures. Wood's Home Maintenance Service

Brittini Reitz

We are most familiar with the Hurd Window & Door brand. We can answer how to replace parts, identify parts, where to buy parts, if they are discontinued from manufacture and if there is a retro fit part that will work, how to shim and adjust Hurd Windows & Doors or diagnose a problem a Hurd window is having and how to fix it. We can also answer questions about pros and con of different types of window brands and help a person to know what they should ask when they are looking to buy new or replacement windows.

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2017-02-20 No weeping holes in sliding glass doors:

The weep holes are suppose to be on the outside and not inside. Without seeing a picture of it or seeing it in person, the only thing I can think of if is...when the windows were made and put together

2017-02-07 Entry and Security Doors:

The $1744 price is insane, unless you are making the are making a 30" entry door opening to a larger 36" entry door. And even then, there is no way it should cost that much. The only way it would even

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