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I can answer most questions regarding installation of Windows XP, speed optimization, recommended minimal installation specifications, any hardware issues you may encounter, dual booting, best anti-virus software to go with without spending a dime, and much more. If you'd like to dual boot any Linux OS with your Windows XP, I can guide you through that as well. If it is not related to Windows XP, please choose another expert who can help you.

Troy M. MCSE, CNA, MCP, CST, IC3, Aplus

Hi there! Even though I am relatively new around here, I have been having great fun with PCs for over two decades now, becoming familiar with Windows through versions 3.x/9x/Me/2000/XP/2003/7/8/10. I enjoy helping others with what I feel is an exciting industry - computers are always changing, improving and offering new opportunities for learning. I look forward to assisting you with questions concerning Windows, how it interacts with your PC Hardware, configuration/settings or just general tips and ideas. Besides troubleshooting questions, feel free to ask the basics, as well. I will always start there, and I firmly believe that there is no such thing as a dumb question - we are all ‘Beginners’ at one time or another!

Carl Johnson

I can answer most questions concerning Windows XP. I am very interested in helping others to keep their older computers running since they can perform well if properly maintained. I am not a software or systems expert but usually can help with program applications problems also.

Kevin Hou

I`m familiar with Windows 95/98/2K/XP/7 problems and will try my best to assist you. Feel free to ask any software or hardware related questions.


I can answer questions based on the Windows XP environment as in;
  • Procedural common troubleshooting such as BLUE SCREENS,Frozen screens..
  • ETC Operating System upgrade/downgrade procedural advice...
  • Installation/Removal/Elevation of programs...
Windows 7 assistance please visit WINDOWS 7 TROUBLESHOOTING. For questions based on Viruses and Infections please visit COMPUTER SECURITY & VIRUSES.

Richard Rost

I am happy to answer any questions about how to USE Microsoft Windows XP. Also, please be sure to check the Windows Tips & Tricks and Windows XP Tutorials sections of my web site.

Computers Unlimited LLC

Computers Unlimited LLC can answer question pertaining boot failures, Blue Screen of Death (BSOD), Windows upgrade options.

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Kenny, It appears that the hard drive on your Windows XP computer has failed.  Your options are to repair this problem computer or replace it with a new one.  1) Repair: If you cannot re-install Windows


Kenny, the attached boot manager sequence does not show a bootable hard drive that is recognized by the computer. Looks like the C: hard drive (HDD) with boot sector has failed. If you have another computer

2016-08-15 Got an older laptop:

If you are looking for a more modern operating system than Windows Vista but want it legally, I would suggest using a distribution of Linux. Windows 10 was available for Windows Vista Ultimate, Windows

2016-07-29 windows 7 backup discs:

Hi clem,    Is it safe to say that the newer computer is still using Windows 7? If so, you won't be able to install and activate Windows 7 on the older computer using the Windows CD you have there. It's

2016-07-05 Reformat:

If you are doing this so the computer can be recycled, I would just take out the hard drive for now and recycle the computer.    If you have another computer that you can use, you can plug this hard drive

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