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Ali Ahouei

I can answer All Questions about VSAT Technology from A to Z included topologies,terrestrial equipment,RF/If Frequencies,astronomical orbits and other stuff. I can answer All Questions about GUL(GSM/UMTS/LTE) Technology from A to Z included topologies,RAN and Core.

Phillip J. Boucher

I can answer any and all questions related to both the uses and the equipment of the General Mobile Radio Service (GMRS)and the Family Radio Service (FRS) in Canada.

Computers Unlimited LLC

We are able to answer various questions related to wireless network question, such as access point location and security.

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2017-01-25 Touch Screen Landline Phones.:

Hi  Just for 2 reaons I think no.  1-The era of fixed services got finished.Now everybody look for mobility,nevertheless any inovation relate to the said theory would be successful or not.  2-Do you think

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