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Emma Lewis

I'm a mother of two young, high energy children and fully understand the challenges many women face to the find time and the energy required to lose post-pregnancy weight and look after themselves after having children. Family life can zap out energy, time and motivation but it doesn't have to! I can help you rediscover the wonder that is YOU, answer questions on healthy eating, fitting fitness into your daily life and how you too be in the best shape of your life!

Bonnie Hardie

I am an experienced and certified personal trainer. I run fitness boot camps with 5-10 people per camp. I can answer questions pertaining to:aerobic exercise,resistance training,functional training,weight management.,bodyweight exercises,etc. Please do not ask me to design a weight training program for you thru this forum-if you want me to design a program for you, please sign up for my online personal training program:

Lisa Defendis

I can answer questions pertaining to womens strength training,starting a fitness program,what to look for in joining a gym.The importance in nutrition in fitness.

Kristina Shane

I can answer any questions on women's fitness. Many women struggle with losing weight and I was once one of those women. Now I am a NASM certified personal trainer and I've spent many years researching the best way for women to get healthy, lose weight and maintain it.

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Yes, might be worth seeing your GP who can refer you on to the necessary skin specialists if need be. Your doctor after examining the infected area may be able to better advise you on a treatment

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Hi Samantha,  Sorry for the delay in replying. Its been school holidays over here and kids are my priority. Ok, so let me see how I can help you here... the pimples you describe is very common, its called

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