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Stuart Mawle

Now been a carpenter & joiner for the past twenty years in the UK. I can give avice / help on carpentry & joinery, health & safety, woodworking machinery, power tools and suppliers.

maura macaluso

I can answer almost all questions regarding woodcarving, chip carving, scroll sawing, carving tools and techniques and can answer most questions regarding wood. I am not an appraiser of carvings nor an antique dealer.


I am a Business man and own a small company of Dewalt Nail Gun. So, I think I can help people about this as well as take help from other experts. I hope my journey in will be very essential for me and my viewer. Thanks,

Greg Scholl

Questions on Woodworking, wood finishing and refinishing of all kinds, repairing furniture and wooden objects,Architectural details, Woodturning, carving, tool usage, product usage, some chemistry as it applies to woodworking and related interests,cabinet making and furniture construction/design, etc. I have experience with all manners of colorants, finishes, paints, stains, dyes, glazes, and coatings,wood species recognition,usage,etc.

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2016-08-23 Wood door splitting and needs repair:

Hi Christine, that looks like damage from someone trying to break from kicking the door...but it would have to be looked at closely, as the strange colored paint on the edge is also suspect.

2016-08-15 Minwax Fast Dry not Drying / Curing:

Hey Joe was this an Oak strip floor?...Pine?...I'm assuming unfinished and freshly sanded....sounds like a classic case of the stain applied too heavily, and not allowed to fully dry before the first coat

2016-07-14 Deteriorating Shellac:

Hi Mary, restoring such a surface can be labor intensive, but it is very likely that you can achieve good results. Old shellac can be cleaned with denatured alcohol, but keep in mind that alcohol is the

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