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Scott A Wilson

I have answered every question that was a story problems that had any relation to math for which an answer existed. I have ever answered some questions which had a vague relation to math, but still related.

Janet Yang

Word problems are my favorite type of math questions! I would not feel comfortable answering questions that require specialized knowledge (Physics, Statistics, etc.) because I have not studied these in depth.

Abe Mantell

Hello, I am a college professor of mathematics and regularly teach all levels from elementary mathematics through differential equations, and would be happy to assist anyone with such questions!

Pawan Musale

I can answer questions wrapped in words. This includes questions related to Logic, Natural Numbers, Integers, Real Numbers, Complex Numbers, Number Theory, Geometry, Trigonometry, Graph Theory, Square Roots, Basic Integration, Profit-Loss problems, Work-Time problems, Equations etc.

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2017-02-12 Place Value:

Place value usually says which number it refers to.    In the 690, the 1s place value is 0, the 10s place value is 9 and the hundreds place value is 6.    Another example would be with the number 527.

2016-12-29 Rates:

The 39,000 man-hrs is the amount of work done or to be done. So, it could mean 39,000 men work for  1 hour, or 3900 men work for 10 hrs, or 390 men work for 100 hrs, or 39 men work for 1000 hrs, or as

2016-12-26 Rates:

Here's one way...  195 men x 10 hrs/day x 20 days = 39000 man-hrs was required to complete the job.  That means the job requires 39000 man-hours.  if each man work 15 days for 13 hrs/day, then he works

2016-12-09 Tax Rates:

It can just be left as 7/100.  The only reason to put in, 'units',' is to remind the person to put in the correct units if they are in the problem.  This would happen if the question was in were in another

2016-12-06 Tax Rates:

Sorry about how long this took, but I finally got back to my computer.    'Units' is used to show that the numerator and denominator are measured in the same thing.  Instead of units there might be seconds

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