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Scott A Wilson

I have answered every question that was a story problems that had any relation to math for which an answer existed. I have ever answered some questions which had a vague relation to math, but still related.

Janet Yang

Word problems are my favorite type of math questions! I would not feel comfortable answering questions that require specialized knowledge (Physics, Statistics, etc.) because I have not studied these in depth.

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2016-09-24 Zero:

Now they really are the same number, but sometimes more places are kept for different reasons.    One of them is that's how many decimal places accuracy are to be kept on the machine being used.    Where

2016-09-15 Speed Word problems:

I gather you meant ""How LONG does it take to travel..."  not "How FAR does it take to travel..." -- yes?    Also, you have that the boy gets back to AZ at 15:15 AM??  What is 15:15 AM???  15:15 would

2016-09-07 Rates:

"20 workers can paint 5 houses in 10 days."  20 workers 10 days = 200 worker-days  (200 worker-days)/(5 houses) = (40 worker-days)/house    2 houses (40 worker-days)/house = 80 worker-days  (80 worker-days)/(8

2016-08-27 Math:

Hello Patricia,    Mathematically, it is true -- based on percentages.  But I suspect that there is more to this  than simple percentages.  Is the expected return directly proportional to the amounts you

2016-08-23 Rates:

Sorry, I did not notice the original question.  I need to revise my previous answer.    Let's look at from another point of view.  20 men can paint 5 houses in 10 days = 1 man can paint 5/20=1/4 of a house

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