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Ive been a wrestling fan since the days of Bruiser and the Original Sheik. AWA and WWA and NWA history are my strong points. I have cataloged some 50 videos of wrestling dating back to the 60`s as well as several differnt wrestling magazines. Japanese wrestling I know a little about, like the crossvoer guys like Tshurta, etc...

Joe Burgett

I can answer anything on different types of wrestling such as UK Style, Japanese Strong Style, Canadian Technical, Lucha, American style, and even classic greco-roman style. I have been a fan for years and have studied these styles to better understand the business, even trained in some. So, I know a lot about each style as well as different wrestling schools around the world that teach them best. I can answer anything on rumors and news as well, and even give advice on characters and storylines. If I don't know something, I'll look it up or ask contacts in the wrestling scene. So rest assured you'll get a great answer from me every time.

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