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Patricia Brawley, PhD

EXPERTISE: I work with people who have an idea not expressed yet, commonly called a writer's block. I can help you find the feeling and words to get you back on track with your writing. If being stuck is a general theme in your life, I offer personal coaching. I do not edit or critique your writing.

Susan Rand

I can answer questions about writer's block, why it happens, how to prevent its happening, what to do when it does happen.

Johnathan Clayborn

I can answer a many questions about writer's block. I am particularly helpful in the areas of character development, storyline development, etc. and I can provide authors with an array of tools to help them organize their work. I am also quite good at discussing how to work in symbolism, allegory and themes throughout your piece. As a psychology major I can help you answer questions about a character's behaviors or motivations.

Frances S. Ponick

EXPERTISE: Unblocking communications is the main focus here, so all questions are answered publicly. I will answer questions from adults who are struggling with a book, a major report for an employer, a dissertation, or something equally hefty in business, science, or academics. I can help if you absolutely have to write something and can't get started, or if you've started writing and don't know what to do next. If you need help beyond individual questions, I also offer personal coaching, book doctoring, or critiques and analysis. I can answer questions about your novel, your journal, or your poem if you are under the gun because of a contract deadline or some other legal or workplace pressure. Unblocking communications is the main focus here, so I don't accept questions marked private.

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