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Hannah Gomez

I can make recommendations based on previous books read. I will not answer homework questions along the lines of "What is the theme of this book?" or "How should I write my essay about the relationship between these two characters on structuralist terms?" While I might recommend adult novels for YA readers if I find them appropriate, I can't be relied on to answer questions or recommend only adult titles. I'm happy to try and find a book you read long ago if you can give me any details or clues about it. I can also provide teachers/librarians/other professionals who work with children and young adults with recommended titles based on curriculum needs.

Josiah Jones

I can answer a wide variety of questions about young adult literature from almost any time period. My mind is particularly sharp with small details of the literature in question, and I have an extensive personal library of young adult literature to reference should the need arise. I am ready and willing to tackle any question that is brought to me. My strongest facet of expertise is probably recommending books for kids and teens.

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