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I'm able to answer any and all questions related to the English Yu-Gi-Oh! game itself. This includes, but isn't limited to:

Deck Fixes: Either making suggestions and improvements on a deck you've already built, or building a deck from scratch for you. In either case, please give an idea of the kind of deck you're building, the level of play you're planning to use it in (small tournaments, regionals etc), and the kind of budget you're on.
Please format decks in a way that's easy to read. Each card name should be on its own line, with a number before it indicating how many you're playing. Please split decks into Monsters, Spells and Traps.

NOTE: A level of reasonability is assumed with this. I cannot build you a nationals winning deck based on monsters whose name starts with the Letter 'A' on a budget of 4($6)... Nor will I generally respond well to Questions touting "No Xyz, Synchro... etc" or disallowing cards from certain parts of the show. I haven't seen the show in a number of years and find these conditions to usually be poorly-defined.

Rulings: On any card interacting with any other card(s). Tell .....


On Vacation
returns 12/23/2016
School time, so my question limit is back at 1, sorry. I normally respond late at night some time, and NEVER over 4 days since I got the question. I also will never reject ANY questions (As long as there on topic). Since I don't reject questions, please don't rate me poorly when I'm just trying to help you out the best of my ability:)

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2016-11-26 hi:

Unfortunately Fast and Powerful is a tough ask in a deck containing only Dynamist monsters. I'm unable to rely on Cyber Dragon Infinity and Toadally Awesome for power since those aren't allowed, and I

2016-11-25 Machine help please:

Hmmm, I'm assuming you're playing Machina Fortress, not Machina Force? As I can't see any way to summon the latter. You can drop to 2 of it, as you'll always want to be discarding a Level 10 monster to

2016-11-24 Dinomist Nov 2016:

Side decks are rather similar nowadays, they're usually just the best Kaiju for the deck accompanied by System Down, Spell/Trap Removal, the odd hand trap and the odd floodgate.  With this you probably

2016-11-22 Kat Scratch Fever (Lunalight):

Hmmm, so my initial build for this is quite costly, I'll show it to you here, then suggest some replacements:    3 Lunalight Black Sheep  3 Lunalight Wolf  3 Lunalight White Rabbit  3 Lunalight Tiger

2016-11-18 Dinomist Nov 2016:

You seemed to dislike decks that played Bahamut Shark into Toadally awesome last time but you've chosen another deck that can do so easily... curious...    While I'm not sure I agree with Omitting the

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