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I'm able to answer any and all questions related to the English Yu-Gi-Oh! game itself. This includes, but isn't limited to:

Deck Fixes: Either making suggestions and improvements on a deck you've already built, or building a deck from scratch for you. In either case, please give an idea of the kind of deck you're building, the level of play you're planning to use it in (small tournaments, regionals etc), and the kind of budget you're on.
Please format decks in a way that's easy to read. Each card name should be on its own line, with a number before it indicating how many you're playing. Please split decks into Monsters, Spells and Traps.

NOTE: A level of reasonability is assumed with this. I cannot build you a nationals winning deck based on monsters whose name starts with the Letter 'A' on a budget of 4($6)... Nor will I generally respond well to Questions touting "No Xyz, Synchro... etc" or disallowing cards from certain parts of the show. I haven't seen the show in a number of years and find these conditions to usually be poorly-defined.

Rulings: On any card interacting with any other card(s). Tell .....

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2016-09-26 Misprint or fake card appraisal / advice:

This card is definitely fake.    The biggest tells you've already picked up on:    Misspelling of "Spellcaster" - this does not happen. Very few cards have Spelling/Grammar mistakes in their card text

2016-09-19 Dark Monarch:

I think my primary issue with this is that you've given up on Utility in order to play only DARK monsters. That's effectively just made his a worse version of the Fiend Stun deck.    Your issues with Big

2016-09-10 Machine Help Question Please:

You have to remember that most of the low-level non-effect fusions were printed in LOB - Charubin and Fusionist were both in it.  Every card game has to have bad cards, simply because the ability to determine

2016-09-09 tayala the princess of cherry blossoms deck:

I think I'd start with a variation on the Plant Synchro theme - using Lonefire and Rose Paladin to grab Talaya from the deck, and Miracle Fertiliser/Meliae to summon them from the Graveyard.  Something

2016-09-08 Machine Help Question Please:

Your first question has 3 answers:    1. Traps are very situational. You need the right trap for the right situation - the more likely your opponent is to do the thing that triggers your trap, the better

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