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Walter Hintz

I can answer questions about both vertebrate and invertebrate zoology. I am an expert in animal behavior, especially birds.

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2017-04-22 Research on Horse climbing a Steep Hill or mountain.:

Hi preshant    Horses can climb fairly steep hills . In fact I have done I while riding in the Rocky mountains.. But you mentioned steps. I do know that horses and cows cannot walk down steps but they

2017-04-01 T-Rex related to chicken?:

Hello Ayla      It has been accepted that modern birds have evolved from reptiles. The connection has been determined through studies of DNA. Fossil studies have shown that the "first" bird was  Archaeopteryx

2017-03-31 Surgery on Fishes.:

IT is possible ,of course and, I have heard about it being done on gold fish as well as dogs. I ma not sure it makes unless is done for the overall benefit of the animal.  I do't ee it ever used much but

2017-03-18 whats eating our garden:

Hi Nick   Without further information I can only make a guess and if happens at dusk or early nightfall I suspect you are the victim of  Odocoieleus viginianus, The White Tail Deer.  They love fresh veggies

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