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I can answer questions regarding the care of persons with Alzheimer's Disease. I have no medical degree and I am not qualified to answer questions of a medical nature.

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I was the spouse and primary caretaker of my wife, who was diagnosed with dementia at the age of 53. I initially cared for her at home, but after her illness progressed, I placed her in a long term care facility. A year later, I found a nursing home for her and she spent almost 10 years there before she passed away.


I have an MSW (Master's in Social Work) degree.

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Jo Anne08/26/16101010Getting her to focus on something else .....
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Autumn05/02/15101010Thank you Peter.

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2016-08-26 Possible dementia:

Hi Anne-  In my lay opinion,your mother-in-law in all likelihood has dementia and she should be seen by a neurologist.  Unfortunately, the medication out there right now have a limited impact on even slowing

2015-11-04 Dementia / "escapism":

Hi Len-  Sorry about the delay; I just returned from vacation.  If you have read about AD, I'm sure that you realize that your father-in-laws symptoms are not unusual.  He is probably in the middle stages

2015-08-18 severe dementia and colonoscopy:

Hi Cynthia-  You didn't specify it, but I'm assuming that your mother is in either assisted living or a nursing home.  You also describe her dementia as being relatively advanced.  Both of these factors

2015-07-24 Depression with Alzheimers:

Hi Brooke-  I don't really have the expertise to answer your question.  However, since my wife suffered from AD for many years and she had an anxiety/depression problem, I can tell you that she had symptoms

2014-02-27 step mother:

Hi Jo-  I'm sorry to hear about the issues that are arising with your stepmother.  The symptoms do seem like the kind of behavior that frequently arises with persons who have AD.  Yes, you should strongly


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